Dear Friend of Zen Village,

Zen Village has been a multi-cultural, holistic wellness and interfaith Buddhist center. We open the door to welcome people from all works of life to have a cup of Zen tea, attend our services, classes, events or programs, come to connect with people and develop friendships. Since we established in 2005, we have hosted hundreds of family members who are in transition or crisis in life, provided them with food, lodging and counseling, gave them direction, helped and support them till they found their home or safe places to go. We provided hundreds of volunteers and those seeking for community service, the opportunity, each year, through our volunteering service, to volunteer and learn about Asian etiquette, lifestyle and tradition. Some longer-term volunteers could learn about the work-life-balance and how to bring joy within daily life. Due to the growth and broadening of the spectrum of quality life, Zen Village often received feedback from volunteers, in person or letter of appreciation, for their hours of service, saying that they received much more than what they gave.

In our multi-cultural programs, we regularly provide world culture infusion events for peace to our community by offering tea ceremony, attending nationwide and local events and providing young people activities, wellness programs and services, at our center in Coconut Grove.

When visitors walked in our courtyard, they found an 18 foot-high monument called Stupa, which in ancient eastern tradition preserves precious things. Inside this Stupa, like relics of Buddha, are found enlightened beings’ personal belongings or items from holy mountains.

This Enlightenment Stupa was dedicated by worldly scholar and the great, Tibetan yogi, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche. It was the only one built on site and completed by Lama Choje Rinpoche with a couple of monks in Coconut Grove, Miami, South Florida, in the year 2010.

A Stupa has the power to maintain the energy of the world and transmit harmony and equilibrium to the elements, which in turn contributes to the physical and psychological well being of all sentient beings. As a representation of the enlightened mind, it serves as a source of peace and tranquility for the world, now and in the future.

Many first time visitors who have not explored this, will describe they sense something that is different than what they’re used to. Most people, once they walk in our space, will naturally address their feelings of peacefulness and comfort.

Zen Village provides programs that help our community to build physical, mental and spiritual strength through wellness education, yoga, meditation, breathing, Tai Chi and Qigong courses. Our founder, Master Chufei Tsai, with her 30 years of practice, has traveled to 39 countries and provides her extensive training program to over 35,000 people and hundreds of wellness instructors, teachers and life coaches throughout the world. Her extensive practice, along with her academic background, makes Zen Village unique and stand out in the community.

Through her work, she leads over 49 teachers who provide holistic wellness programs in different countries and communities. Her community programs in the U.S. provide to Charlie Gladstone Girls (Abuse Children Shelter), YPP (Young People Project for College students at MIT in Boston, University of Chicago, University of NY and many more), as well as, Joyful Aging at Catholic Charity Senior Center, and to victims’ service providers.

She has consulted, healed and transformed numerous people directly, including the President of her country, Faith based leaders, international political consultants, ambassadors, judges, attorneys, physicians, health care givers, mental health professionals, university professors and major corporate owners and executives…Her story and that of her work in South Florida has been covered by NBC6, Channel 7, CNN, Comcast, Miracle Journeys magazine, The Miami Herald, the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Sun Post.

We regret to inform you that after 10 years of development to bring health and wellness programs to the South Florida community in the Coconut Grove location, at the end of December 2014, our house was purchased by our neighbor (volunteer) with a higher offer. As of February 14th, 2015, Zen Village has become a virtual site, we have been forced to move, with a short notice, to a friend’s location at 6601 SW 80 St. #107, Miami, FL 33134, where we continue our wellness program and community projects. We are very sorry if the center has caused you any inconvenience in the recent past due to this unexpected circumstance.

If you have any questions in regards to our Program in this and other community locations, please contact us at 305-567-0165, or e-mail us at office@zenvillage.org. For information about our current schedule, courses and services, please go online to www.zenvillage.org. Your online reservation for an appointment or course is necessary at this time. We look forward to seeing you at our new location at 6601 SW 80 St. #107, Miami, Florida 33134.

Although it was a forced and intense action and people were caught by surprise, our dedicated members, who were there to help out, were and remain in peace and harmony after listening to our founder’s comforting words of warmth and joy, which made it an awesome day of dedication.


Zen Village Office







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