Zen Village

We are Zen Village, and we are known to be a unique place of reflection. We promote community awareness and are constantly seeking ways to help the community and its members to become more knowledgeable about themselves and the world around them. Most importantly, our ideals are those that support eco-living, sustainability, and overall holistic wellness. Zen Village is a place for people to achieve a more interconnected sense of their mind, body and spirit. The connection between them is crucial and catering to our sense of self. We want to assist you to elevate to a higher state. Essentially, a spiritual transformation awaits you. You may find your inner complexities to be far more within reach. You may evolve over time into a much calmer, and more peaceful beings who have a better control with a more balanced life. Zen Village is a place for personal evolution where individuals can find solace in reflection and find peace in solitude.

Certified Teacher Program provides wellness educator certification through ancient wisdom and modalities, philosophies and spiritual leader training. Our community wellness center offers a healing environment open to children, family and elderly, providing education for environmental sustainability, aquaporin edible gardening adoption program and permaculture promoting healthy lifestyle, local wellness resources as well as special project events. We offer a City Retreat facility to provide a peaceful and culture-filled setting for individuals to nurture, recuperate and to center their body, mind and spirit.

Corporate Tao program offers retreats and training to corporate executives and staff to develop and maintain a work-life balance and work ethic, in order to reduce absenteeism, increase focus and relieve stress. The retreat also encourages and teaches methods for peaceful communication and prioritizing goals.

Heart for Humanity provides a support system for a better life by developing and providing educational programs to underserved community, including seniors, students, veterans and victims of trauma, abuse, and crime. Heart for Humanity participates in the preparation of local farmer’s produce in meals to feed the unfortunate using only green environmentally friendly packaging, distributing food to the West Coconut Grove area, and Downtown Miami areas where homelessness is prevalent.