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Zen village global was  established in 2005 in Miami, Florida. Zen Village Global is a multi-disciplinary non-profit organization, which brings together a group of like minded students, members and volunteers, with the same goals and objectives of living in the unrestrained essence of the nature of life. Zen Village’s focus is to help children and families of different backgrounds, including the under-privileged and the under-served ones, regardless of their religion, race or age, to inspire them and provide them with techniques, solutions and resources, in order to teach and guide them in developing the infinite potential they hold within, so as to live a prosperous life, build up a healthy body and mind (in a holistic way) and live their life with ease.


The essential philosophy at Zen Village is to live and synchronize life in a Zen state, without worry or concern. This philosophy allows the individual to harmonize with the essence of the cosmos, and to express the multiple aspects of his life in the rich fullness of its dimensions.


Through the process of learning, attending training sessions, retreats, Online practices, and completion of the entire Yuan-Yun course,  Zen Village initiates the individual into a transformational journey to elevate their body, mind and spirit, and guide them to the utmost simple, profound and pure primordial state of Zen.

Zen Village global is an all-inclusive organization consisting of a community of students, members, and volunteers utilizing its resources for the benefit of  humanity.



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