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 is the life science program for eco-wellbeing, living, and an awesome life to the dedicated professional and global community to bring a responsive, sustainable quality life for an evolving humanity.

Just as the earth contains immeasurable beauties, wonders and resources -our lives contain immeasurable treasures, potentials and opportunities. What is missing is the proper awareness, knowledge and skill to utilize these treasures within and around us. We are near-sighted in our understanding of our actions interconnectedness, opaque about their long term effects and confused about happiness attainment -despite it’s abiding presence.


By opening our minds and hearts we can unleash our limitless human potential. Like a successful business owner operating their business through short-term goals and a long term vision, the conduct and view of our endeavor changes with our perspective of life and work. By being unaware of the what, why, and how of our lives incapacitates our relationships with ourselves, those around us and our environment.


Without skill and understanding, our inner conflicts and our inability to deal with others obscures our life’s direction and focus. Stresses and the lack of time and skill further perpetuate anxieties and panics weakening our health, spirit and wellbeing. Even our well intentioned actions aren’t enough to combat our mind and body’s frailty and confusion, allowing our personal self-image and personality to negatively impact our physical, and psychological selves. Our habit is to ignore the problem, or even drown them through the instant gratifications so commonly found in substance abuse, gambling, entertainment and other addictions.



By opening our minds and hearts we can unleash our limitless human potential.

This temporary alleviation of the problem only suppresses it, preparing a future pregnant with further frustration, conflict and violence between ourselves and others. The unawareness of this ‘unknown’ forces us to fight everything life presents us, instead of enjoying it. Where our habit’s momentum ensnares and proliferates this lived spatial and temporal trap repetitively, incapable of change because of our fear to face the challenge, the truth, the reality. It is as if we were stranded in the middle of the ocean without a life vest, without knowing how to swim and without a direction. When the waves slam against us, we involuntarily swallow water slowly fading away through dehydration and exhaustion. Life is filled with challenges but nevertheless every lived instant and every lived being is unique and beautiful. Synchronizing, empowering, balancing and unifying these elements can transform challenges to create a safe, peaceful, and happy lived experience. Ancient wisdom teaches us our minds, our knowledge and our choices determine our future and our life. Therefore our life journey requires careful planning if we want to create a life filled with happiness, peace, fulfillment, and quality. We all share in this potentiality and opportunity, it is possible, it is not a dream.


A Naked Mind: An Awesome Life is a science of an ancient wisdom, passed on through the special bond between the teacher to student over a millennia. Our online and onsite program offers courses, workshops, global travel learning and retreats in order to practice and develop the skill needed to enrich and nourish our everyday lives. Steps are to be taken on this path of learning towards a life of lasting benefit. Ultimately it is up to you -your choice, your learning environment, your time and effort. This program is here to guide and team up with those seeking to reach their ultimate state of being in order to then share, facilitate and reach out to help other’s in their path of inner awakening and ultimate freedom. May every one connect in their inner path to successfully relieve suffering.


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