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Master Chufei Tsai has dedicated her life to help others empower themselves to reach their full potential as human beings. Through Hear for Humanity, she wishes to empower underprivileged and undeserved individuals to achieve a healthy and joyful life. She integrates eastern and western philosophy, medical sciences, psychology and spirituality to achieve that vision. She has been sought out by hospitals, universities and research scientists in China, Taiwan, Russia and other European countries for her success in the treatment and self-healing methods of obscure and fatal diseases.


Master Tsai has gone beyond her traditional academic training and developed depth and breadth in a number of fields including behavioral studies, stress-reduction, immunology and women’s health. After many years of study with renowned Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist Masters, she was appointed as a Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist Master herself. She is a published author and has been a teacher and lecturer at numerous Universities and hospitals throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S.


In 1985, she founded the Dan Dao Institute for healing and rejuvenation and the Orient Culture Institute in Taiwan. In 1993, she founded the Zab Sang Institute in Taiwan. In honor of her pioneering work, the former President of Taiwan asked her to create a program to raise spiritual awareness and the quality of life in Taiwan.


Master Tsai is currently in the FIU’s advisory board for the Arts and Sciences Department and a guest speaker of “Highest Spiritual Lectures” series of which his holiness The Dalai Lama was the leading speaker. Her story and that of her work in South Florida has been covered by NBC6, CNN, Comcast, Miracle Journey’s magazine, The Miami Herald, the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Sun Post. Love.


Our History

Zen Village is a cross-cultural, inter-faith organization that promotes eco-living, sustainability, and holistic wellness. We offers classes that incorporate aspects of art and culture to promote well-being of body and soul through Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and self-healing to both men and women of all ages.




Our mission is to teach individuals the techniques to nurture self and others by providing valuable ancient wisdom on holistic health, including wellness education that focuses on helping to create balance and harmony in people’s lives.


Our Goal:


1) Stimulate and cultivate your innate wisdom and compassion


2) Promote holistic methods for achieving and maintaining optimal physical & mental wellness


3) Respond to the needs of the community through charitable services.


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