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Zen Village was founded in 2001 through the sponsorship of Heart for Humanity and was recognized as a unique cultural and spiritual gem hidden, as 2005, in the breathtaking nature off of Main Highway in Coconut Grove, Florida. From authentic tea ceremonies to healing and Zen retreats this facility was recognized by the nationwide organization MCCJ, as the most important organization in the community given the quality and the impact of its programs and activities.  Master Chufei Tsai performed memorable Chinese traditional Zen tea ceremonies that she shared with students, friends, family and community members at large;  she held meditation, yoga and qi gong classes in the courtyard of the Zen Village as well as inspirational talks; Students hang out a the courtyard and tearoom throughout the day. Saturday nights, young people used to gather in the gardens to play music, and practice art and social games.  In the rustic cedar timber room in the first floor, with a gable high ceiling roof and a hard wooden floor, was one of the most breathtaking room where Sundays, Master Tsai held a Buddhist service, with chanting, meditation, and inspirational talk, followed by a vegetarian lunch and a cup of authentic tea.  A visit to the Zen Village, in the Grove, was full of sacred tradition and perceptual awareness.


In the year 2010, the Master Chufei Tsai brought a rich cultural awareness to the community by building an 18 feet high monument, the first Stupa in South Florida!  Many visitors travelled long distances to visit the Stupa and pay respect.  This sacred monument still stands in its location in Coconut Grove although Zen Village moved and closed this location in 2015.


Master Chufei Tsai and members of Zen Village is very grateful to have been able to provide transformational, cultural experiences and help people in need, as well as serve the most underserved communities of senior, young adult, children, family and volunteer nearby and abroad from this facility which was like an oasis within Coconut Grove which is known as one of the most popular touristic location of Florida.



Zen Village Global is born


Our new frontier, Zen Village Global is born.  With Zen Village Global, Master Tsai has begun a new phase where she shares a multicultural, inclusive outlook, welcoming people from all belief systems and helps to promote awareness for the global community and Zen Village members and volunteers.  Most importantly, Zen Village will continue its promise to support spiritual development, self health care, and holistic well-being.


Zen Village is a community of people looking to achieve a deeper sense of interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit.  Master Tsai helps members to reach a higher state of mind and, for those who have chosen to commit to a higher learning level, to reach a complete transformational life.  Zen Village provides to the global community, through Master Tsai’s in person online courses , weekend retreats and travels in different global sacred land locations, a Master program of Yuan Yun which is a primordial rhythm tech-knowledge for An Awesome Life that provides training tools to balance, center, uplift and transform the individual, helping him  to attain a better health, be more productive, improve his quality of living and lead a more valuable life.


Zen Village’s students learn how to be intuitive, cheerful, resilient, flexible, and able to skillfully overcome challenges and conflicts in their life through the strengthening of the power of their positive mind.  Zen Village is a community for personal evolution where individuals can learn to live a truly awesome life experience filled with moments of peace and bliss.


 According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Master Tsai’s approach addresses the causes and not the symptoms of mental instability or physical illnesses; she provides techniques that will benefit an individual throughout his or her life in a holistic way.   The Zen Village fills the gap by providing these skills and knowledge that are essential to sustain the foundation of a healthy life for individuals.  Through holistic and ecological education and experiential training and techniques, individuals learn and apply the skills necessary to achieve positive physical, psychological health, and wellbeing.

At Zen Village we promote ways to nurture our spirit by loving, caring and giving, connected with others as one. We believe that time and space do not truly exist and that, the belief in the existence of both the experience and the “experience” is the perception of a grasping mind; once we depart from this confused dimension, we become self liberated from the boundaries of good and bad and all dualities.


Founder: Master Tsai

Our Founder


Master Chufei Tsai is a visionary, author, renowned educator, healer and spiritual leader. She is an appointed Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist from Taiwan and the founder and resident teacher of Zab Sang Institute (Tibetan Buddhist practice), Zen Village (Holistic education and wellness center), Heart for Humanity (Charitable Foundation) and Corporate Tao (Corporate well being). Master Tsai does not emphasize religion in her teachings; instead, she focuses on the substance and essence of the timeless wisdom that those traditions offer and she transmits them in a way that they can benefit us fully in today’s challenging world.


During her more than 30 years experience in teaching Master Tsai has counseled and taught thousands of secular and non-secular students worldwide. She has worked as an advisor for Fortune 500 companies, including the president of Taiwan. Since early 1980 she has been working with the Research Institute and Medical University and participated in several researches such as brain waves, water, human bio-energy, behavior and food, etc.., and, she has provided healing techniques to help people with critical diseases, heal. She is a member of the Advisory Board at FIU’s Center for Spirituality in the Arts and Science Department; she was appointed twice as Chair Woman of South Florida for His Holiness the Dalai Lama; and as a national consultant for the President Office (House) of Taiwan; and the list is not exhaustive!


Master Tsai has gone beyond her traditional academic training and has developed depth and breadth healing techniques in fields including behavioral health, stress reduction, psycho-neuro-immunology, drug addiction, women’s health; she also has conducted in-depth studies of the Eastern philosophies and principles of health and spirituality.


Master Chufei Tsai integrates science, psychology, philosophy and spirituality in a unique and powerful way. She has an extraordinary ability to bridge diverse disciplines and to open up new lines of communication and understanding. Her teachings include practical exercises for personal and professional growth, giving people lifelong tools to lead a balanced, successful and empowered life.



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