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Unforgettable Journey to China

Visit Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and the Yellow Mountains under the guidance of Master Tsai. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be culturally enriched and spiritually uplifted.

Airfare, accommodations, meals and ground travel included.

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15 Days in Eastern China

May 20 – June 14, 2018

Cost: $6,699


This meticulously planned tour features locations and activities that have been hand-picked by insiders and showcases five of China’s signature destinations, promising an unforgettable journey for the discerning traveler.


See full itinerary.


Highlights for the Two Week Trip

  •  4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • High speed Maglev train ride
  • Shanghai Glamour, National Art Museum of China, landmark bridge
  • 2 Ancient Temple
  • visit Silk Museum
  • Most popular green tea farm and white tea farm
  • Most popular Chinese purple clay tea ware museum and have a hands on experience
  • Chinese philosophy and meditation retreat
  • Most lovable - Yellow Mountain
  • #1 Bamboo ocean in China


Tour includes:

  • Round trip airfare from Miami, USA to Shanghai, China
  • Pudong Shanghai International Airport pick up
  • Chinese domestic travel transportation per itinerary
  • 14 nights accommodations in the 4 star hotel
  • Hotel, American breakfasts daily
  • 13 Lunches and 10 dinners as specified per itinerary
  • Private Tour: sightseeing & transfers by private car, driver and Professional Guides.
  • Personal teaching from the venerable Master Chufei,Tsai, founder of Zen Village for the teaching of ancient philosophy  (the delicate way of quality life) and guided meditation on a 3 day retreat. Through her extensive traveling experiences she’ll lead us with joy and pleasure for us to gain wisdom, energy and un-forgettable memories of the trip.






Humble Administrator’s Garden; Lion Grove Garden

(UNESCO World Heritage Sites)


Personally experience ancient, water villages and rural life



Known as the “heaven on earth” too much to see and experience


Shanjuan Cave

a UNESCO site, an underground palace, extremely delicate and splendid.



Town of world class, purple clay teapots and ‘Longjing’ green tea plantation



3 days of Chinese philosophy and meditation retreat. Also experience local lifestyles.

Yellow Mountains

Known as ‘the loveliest mountains of China’, acclaimed throughout Chinese history in its art and literatur. Stay at a newly build resort but classically designed and decorated, to learn Ancient Chinese Philosophy and a Zen way of living.


Learn and practice Chinese throughout the trip.

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On this tour, you will experience China’s most revered landmarks, touching down at three of its great ancient capitals, some of the most spectacular landscapes mother-nature has to offer, and vibrant cityscapes packed with exhilarating nightlife, exquisite dining and boundless entertainment.


Starting with Shanghai, we will ride the high speed Maglev train (that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without contact to the ground) from the airport.  Catch a glimpse of China’s modern society with its space-like skyscrapers and cosmopolitan setting. The Shanghai museum and its sacred temple where the world is virtually at your fingertips. Next up, Suzhou. Experience first hand ancient Chinese upper class living culture, visit two of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and learn the dedicated lifestyle of the ancients.


Next to Wuzhen is the untouched, water town with its millennia old landmarks, traditional lifestyles but with our stay in a newly built but appropriately fashioned guesthouse. Traveling further down south, we arrive to ‘heaven on earth’. The magnificent Hangzhou, with a visit to the West Lake, China’s only lake UNESCO site.  It is one of China’s top 10 attractions, with its accumulation of years of history, unique southern charm and countless breathtaking cultural landscapes.

Shanjuan Cave is next up with one of the worlds most renowned caves and after to Yixing to learn about this special town’s purple clay teapots and tea plantations.


After travel to Yixing, we’re off to Wuxi. Not only will we see and visit this old town, to see how people have lived for centuries but also to buy local produce, cook together, have tea together all in the spirit and under the auspices of Master Tsai. To apply ancient Chinese philosophy, learn about the delicate quality of life and combine wisdom with practice in meditation and with our travel experience. It is an awe-inspiring experience for this story you call life.


The Yellow Mountains in Huangshan are regarded as ‘the loveliest mountains in China’, and acclaimed in art and literature throughout China’s history. You’ll see the magnificent scenery made up of many granite peaks and rocks emerging out of a sea of clouds. The landscape and its numerous grotesquely-shaped rocks and ancient, gnarled trees inspired the influential Shanshui (“Mountain and Water”) school of landscape painting, which provided a fundamental representation of the oriental landscape’s tradition in the world’s imagination and art.  After getting back to the foothill of the mountains, we’ll head to Huzhou Anji to taste the King of White Tea and visit the Grand Bamboo Sea of China where part of the movie ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ was filmed.

After dinner, a rest in the city resort would be in order and then back to Shanghai on the next day for your re-visit to the unforgettable spots of days past, the night scene and to enjoy some more Chinese cuisine before your return back to U.S. the next day.


Get ready for a trip of splendors, an experience of a lifetime!

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