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The purpose of the Heart for Humanity Volunteer Program is to coordinate, educate and integrate a healthier lifestyle into the lives of the under-served communities through the efforts of volunteers.



Help us build the H4H Action Team. We are looking for committed volunteers and community leaders who would like to be trained by Master Tsai in order to be empowered to go into the community and share her program with others in need. This would allow us to expand our services to a much broader audience.

Also, we are partnering with inter-faith leaders in order to bring our services to their community. If you are a a spiritual or religious leader in your community, please contact us in order for us to discuss how we can work together in order to improve the lives of those in your community.

Team up to strengthen Community Wellness!

We are also looking for volunteers in the following areas:

- Accounting

- Grant Writing

- Journalist (PR)

- Event Coordinator


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