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May 9-17


May 9   -2:30-4:00 De Stressing and spirituality Talk at Orion Healing Center


May 10 - 2:30-4:00 Yoga of Spirituality and materialism talk at The Sanctuary


May 15 2:30-4:00 Therapeutic Living talk at Orion Healing Center


May 17 2:30-4:00 Love Vibration talk at The Sanctuary

De-stressing: How to take your life into your own hands

Stress can reduce your confidence; it can prevent you from working properly by blanking your brain, and disabling your access to your infinite potential.  Stress affects your health, your wellbeing as well as your family’s wellbeing. Under the current way of life of our society, going into therapy or becoming a therapist has become a necessary lifestyle.  You probably will not agree with me, but, actually stress is created by us; we make it become the way it is and we let it develop as it does.    Through an in depth teaching of this inescapable happening in our daily life, through teaching us the mechanics of how to prevent it, reduce it and ultimately overcome its occurrence, Master Tsai will unravel her over 30 years of profound wisdom on stress. Do not miss this opportunity to receive this everlasting treasure.


Yoga of spirituality and materialism

Spirituality is within us since we are born; however, after birth, in general, we develop our material life.  Both spirit and matter are important to us we cannot have just one and not the other.  However, we mostly pay attention to the material aspects of life; but, is that what we should only look for? How does this affect our wellbeing? Is it possible to develop both: spirituality and materialism? Master Tsai brings to you the balance between the two and helps you find the true meaning of the unification of the great living of yoga.  (Yoga=Union of spirit and matter)


The therapeutic way of living and of being well

We all want to live a positive life that brings us health, peace and happiness. But as we know thinking positively sometimes will not always bring positivity into our life.  Life is not as we thought it would be; it’s a complicated combination.  In that case, how can we define a way of living that could bring a continuous therapeutic essence into our life? The truth is, the life we live in and the earth that we inhabit are part of a natural environment which is full of resources good enough to make us live happily and well, as long as we know how to use them.  Master Tsai will lead everyone to brainstorm and find together, the solution for a good life. Please join and enjoy this talk.


The love vibration

Without love, we would die!  Love is a major component in life, and everyone pursues it.  Love brings sweet feelings and warmness, but it also can be very sensitive.  We probably are aware of the power of loving the self and others; receiving love from others can be very impactful; maybe we are expressing or receiving love all the time, but do we really know what it’s about? Knowing what to do and how to do in this matter can bring the real joy of love’s vibes into your daily lives. This interesting topic could be very meaningful to you and to your family and loved ones!  Please come and join this vibe to heat up your body, mind and spirit!


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