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Retreat in Thailand

Spend two unforgettable weeks with Master Tsai on the Island of Koh Phangan. Immersed in the splendor of the islands serene beauty, you'll emerge with a new found peace and knowledge of your purpose.

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Hosted by Moon Light Cinema, Koh Phangan

April 14 – 29, 2017

Cost: $340


Package includes:

  • 10 Morning Sessions
  • 10 Afternoon Sessions
  • Vegetarian Lunch


Taming the mind Meditation-Morning Session

Training for stress prevention and reduction

1.5 hour practicum- 2x 40’ session with a 10’ break


Learn the correct posture for this practice, the key to catch our monkey mind and to stay in the momentum of mind body connection from a qualified teacher.


Follow the step by step guidance step by step to stay focused - the essential learning for the meditative mind. The practice will teach you this technique and you can apply the technique to your daily living.


Deepen your understanding from the ancient wisdom and science of relation of body and mind, and to unify with technique. You’ll benefit from this and bring health and wellness.


Taming the Mind-Afternoon Session

The ancient scientific theory for stress prevention and reduction

1.5 hour learning, Q&A


When we have many things going on our life, we know our life can become chaotic and hectic. Without the awareness of connection of our mind with the action of our body; we cannot realize who we are and what we do. We become a robot, acting without thinking. We’ll end up with greater loss in finances, work, and our life relationship with friends and family. And the feeling of our life is falling apart can be very painful!


Taming the mind theory explains how we can involve with our life and how the mind can direct the life we live. This course will help you to understand the important points to prevent and to reduce stress, and to bring harmony and a better quality to life.






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