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Taming the Mind Meditation Retreat

May 14-17 at Santosha Yoga

MON-THU 9AM-10:30AM; 10:45AM-12PM

2,500 THB

Why do we need to tame the mind? In our non-stop, fast paced world of communication, clarity of mind and a sense of value in life are hard to come by. It is easy to lose sight of what is most important for us and 'go with the flow'. We often don't have the opportunity to see beyond. Like this, life tosses us as it wishes, from here to there, with no peace, no tranquility, but layering upon layering of stress and confusion. This pressure and anxiety creates both physical and psychological dis-eases, social un-rest and environmental destruction.

The untamed mind can be illogical, wild and crazy, and although emotions are part of the beauty of being humans, allowing it to dictate our life misleads, and eventually destroys us and those we care for. Furthermore, the escalation of violence, crime, drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide and the instability and change of everything around us, increasingly questions our most basic notions of trust, respect and common sense. We're standing on quick sand and we cannot ignore it. The most urgent thing for us to do is to be prepared before the storm hits. To see things as they are, to develop our strength, to grow internally and learn how we can take care of ourselves and those around us. In this course we can build the resolve, relieve the suffering, dispel the confusion, and transform our curses into blessings.















Learn the correct posture for this practice, the key to catch our monkey mind and to stay in the momentum of mind body connection from a qualified teacher.


Follow the step by step guidance step by step to stay focused - the essential learning for the meditative mind. The practice will teach you this technique and you can apply the technique to your daily living.


Deepen your understanding from the ancient wisdom and science of relation of body and mind, and to unify with technique. You’ll benefit from this and bring health and wellness.


Course style

Session 1: 30 minutes of instruction, 45 minutes of guided meditation with Master Tsai, 15 minutes question and answer.

Session 2: 15 minutes of instruction, 45 minutes of guided meditation with Master Tsai, 15 minutes question and answer.

*Seats are limited


Invite your friends to join this course.


1st stage: Taming the Mind benefits

* Increase your brain's function,

* Relax your body and mind,

* Control your temperament,

* Reduce worry and suffering.

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