Yuan Yun Master Program

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Yuan Yun Level 2

The Charisma and Psychology of Prosperity

May 18-20 at Santosha Yoga

FRI, SAT, 9AM-10:30AM; 10:45AM-12PM; 2:30PM-4PM

SUN 9AM-10:30AM; 10:45AM-12PM.

9,400 THB

Vegetarian Lunch Included

Yuan-Yun is a synergy living that is in harmony with the primordial rhythms. This wisdom and technique of wellness living and wellbeing lifestyle consist of outer, inner and sacred aspects of being and allows relieving stress and conflicts, and to provide empowerment and balance. It was introduced by the ancients as a science in vital harmony and transmitted throughout centuries as a philosophy, a theory and a therapy that affects the individual’s full potential. Its essential aim is to develop the mind, the body and the spirit in a holistic manner; it encompasses physiological, psychological, environmental and spiritual aspects of the being; it is used for health prevention, for healing, for self healthcare, for rejuvenation and for infinite wellbeing.


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