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Yuan Yun Master Program

Yuan Yun the tech-knowledge of primordial rhythm. It Introduces the ancient wisdom science of vital harmony. Yuan Yun translates to philo-theory and technique, and has been taught for centuries. This is the core of personal development for the mind body and spirit. It encompasses physiological, psychological and spiritual states of being for preventive health, healing, rejuvenation and the infinite wellbeing.

Yuan Yun master program is a program of personal development seeking to progressively enrich, nourish and evolve your body, spirit and mind towards to the well-being. Bringing about clarity, emotional stability and direction, achieve a greater sense of peace for the heart and mind. With the growth of self-discipline, and the reduction of suffering and stress, the foundation to live in a connected way with all sentient life and those around you is possible.


You can engineer your intrinsic potential to purify, heal and empower. With the development and accumulation of this inner strength, you can dissolve the doubt, fear and suffering that ultimately plagues us all. This is done partly through the practice of helping others, which in turn increases your sense of peace and joy and imparts you with the wisdom to overcome life's challenges.

The wisdom of skillful living helps shed our layered positive and negative habits. We can transform our hardness to gentleness, our feelings of heaviness to lightness and eventually our lightness to nothingness. This non-attached existence, perceived reality and the experience of nothingness mingle as one, in a non-differentiated clarity manifested through our lives infinite fulfillment.

















1. Calming the Mind: to adjust the neuroendocrine system; gain control of over doing, thinking or eating; gain control of your emotions, simplify your mind; maintain the calmness of the mind and body, improve sleep, be a happier person, improve focus, cool temperament, awareness of yourself and surrounding, widen your mind and horizon to identify life's overall structure.


2. Resting the Mind: improving the nervous system, gain clarity, certainty with open mindedness, gain confidence, and stability of mind.


3. Adjusting the Mind: boost the immune system, love all forms of life, build patience, forbearance, strength, and a balanced personality.


4. Training your Mind: to purify your energy channels and activates inherent potential; prevent psychosomatic illnesses, have a stronger, and healthier mind, body and spirit, drop bad habits, and addictions; develop intuitively sense; to handle things in the way of balance.


5. Immersing the Mind: allow stability, joy and happiness to arise.


6. Pacifying the Mind: allow balance in life.


7. Complete Pacification: non-terror, no fear.


8. Resting in Equipoise: allow infinite wisdom, abundance of wealth, and boundless life, liberation to manifest.


There are 9 stages to the Yuan Yun course: to tame, quiet, focus, purify and achieve the boundless. It is available online but can also include on-site learning. The complete course is 3 years and we recommend everyone attend the whole course in order to reshape and transcend their life's journey.


To tame, quiet, focus, purify
and achieve the boundless.

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