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Yun Yun:

The way of

Great Harmony



Yun-Yun: The Ancient Wisdom and Technique for Great Harmony is for personal development seeks to progressively enrich, nourish and evolve your body, spirit and mind towards wellbeing. It brings about clarity, emotional stability and direction, in order to achieve a greater sense of peace for the heart and mind. With the increase of self-discipline and the reduction of suffering and stress, the foundation to live in a connected way with all sentient life and those around you is becoming possible.


You can engineer your intrinsic potential to purify, heal and empower. Through the development and accumulation of this inner strength, you can dissolve doubt, fear and suffering that ultimately plague us all. This is done partly through the practice of helping others, which in turn increases our sense of peace and joy and imparts us with the wisdom to overcome life's challenges.


The wisdom of skillful living helps shed our layered positive and negative habits. We can transform our hardness to gentleness, feelings of heaviness to lightness and eventually lightness to nothingness. This non-attached existence, perceived reality and the experience of nothingness mingle as one, in a non-differentiated clarity manifested through our lives infinite fulfillme















The Paradigm of Life

 Yun Yun course series

 Ancient Wisdom for Great Harmony



Since our birth we have taken life for granted; we were fed, we pooed, cried and slept and our body grew, naturally.  We have learned the dangers of playing with fire, that we can drown in deep water, that crossing the street can be dangerous because a car can hit you if you don’t act cautiously. And then, after we grew up and were capable of doing things on our own, this is when we began to mess up.


Indeed, making a mess is part of our life experiences; oftentimes a life experience can be very bumpy and dangerous and it may take you the rest of your life to learn its detours and roughnesses and finally find a way to straighten and settle them.


We have received a school education preparing us for our professional life and serve our main interests; but have we learned what life is all about and how to deal with it? Have we ever asked ourselves if this is it about life? During these evolving and difficult times, we are facing and will continue facing more and more abnormal situations within our environment and in our relationships, which can turn our life upside down. Are we prepared for that?


When life is critical, ancient wisdom and techniques teach us how to live well, to live awesomely and to bring abundance into our life.  For such a transformation to take place, we will need knowledge, techniques and skills.


Through her over 30 years of teaching in different continents, to different age levels and cultural backgrounds from all walks of life, Master Chufei Tsai, through her online course, will teach, mentor and guide you in person, with a small group of students. We invite you to join one of her series of courses, “The paradigm of life” to begin with this new page of your life journey and receive this impactful knowledge that will allow you to take charge in bringing absolute benefits to your life.


Course begins: Jun1st ~ Aug 8th.

Course format: every Wednesday-1 hr guided meditation, every Friday- 45’ teaching, instruction and 15’ Q&A

Course Schedule: 10 week/20 courses, every Wednesday and Friday 12pm - 1pm or 9pm–10pm EST.

Location: Online platform, at your own convenient space and comfortable environment.

Tuition: $289


N.B. Personal course is available upon request.




 Taming the Mind

Yuan-Yun course series

 The Ancient Tech-knowledge for Great Harmony


Why do we need to tame our mind? In the non-stop, fast paced world of communication, clarity of mind and a sense of value in life are hard to come by. It is easy to lose sight of what is most important for us and 'go with the flow'. We often don't have the opportunity to see beyond. Thus, life tosses us as it wishes, from here to there, with no peace, no tranquility, but adding layers upon layers of stress and confusion. This pressure and anxiety creates both physical and psychological dis-eases, social un-rest and environmental destruction.

The untamed mind can be illogical, wild and crazy, and although emotions are part of the beauty of being humans, allowing it to run our life misleads, and eventually destroys us and those we care for. Furthermore, the escalation of violence, crime, drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide and the instability and change of everything around us, increasingly questions our most basic notions of trust, respect and common sense. We're standing on quick sand and we cannot ignore it. The most urgent thing for us to do is to be prepared before the storm hits. To see things as they are, to develop our strength, to grow internally and learn how we can take care of ourselves and those around us. In this course we can build the resolve, relieve the suffering, dispel the confusion, and transform our curses into blessings.


If you are looking to relieve stress, fear and bothers, and to gain wisdom and achieve liberation, we welcome you to follow our weekly online instructions with Master Chufei Tsai. She has taught for over 30 years in different continents, and is now offering this invaluable online course with personal in depth instructions. This is a rare opportunity to connect with her online.

Take advantage and bring peace, clarity and spiritual enrichment to your life!



Taming the Mind training benefits. It will:

* Increase your brain's function,

* Relax your body and mind,

* Control your temperament,

* Reduce worry and suffering,

*Increase your awareness and consciousness



*Next Course Schedule: Jun 4th ~ Aug 8th. every Monday and Wednesday 12pm - 1pm or 9pm–10pm EST.

*Course format: Monday: 45 minutes instruction and 15 minutes Q&A. Wednesday 1 hour guided meditation

Location: Online platform, at your own convenient space and comfortable environment.

Tuition: pre-registered before May 28th $270; after $300 for 10 weeks / 20 courses

Invite your friends to join this course.


After registration, you will receive a link to sign in for instructions on joining Taming the mind meditation course.

Course registration ends one day before the course begins.

The process is very easy. You can log in with your Internet, Wi Fi, mobile or call in.





                                    Through working over and with our mind we will progress as follows:




 1. Calming the Mind: to adjust the neuro-endocrine system and gain control on over-doing, thinking or eating; to gain control over our emotions and simplify our mind; to maintain the calmness of the mind and body and improve sleep, be a happier person and improve focus, cool temperament, awareness of oneself and of our environment; and to widen our mind and horizon to identify life's overall structure.



2. Resting the Mind: improving the nervous system, to gain clarity, certainty with open mindedness and gain confidence and stability of mind.


3. Adjusting the Mind: to boost the immune system, love all forms of life, build patience, forbearance, strength, and a balanced personality.


 4. Training the Mind: to purify our energy channels and activate our inherent potential; to prevent psychosomatic illnesses, have a stronger and healthier mind, body and spirit; to drop bad habits and addictions and develop our intuition; and to handle things in a balanced way.


 5. Immersing the Mind: to allow stability, joy and happiness to arise.


 6. Pacifying the Mind: to allow balance in life.


 7. Total Pacification: to destroy terror and fear.


 8. Resting in Equipoise: to allow infinite wisdom, abundance of wealth, and boundless life, and allow liberation to manifest.


There are 8 stages on the Yun Yun course series: to tame, quiet, focus, purify and achieve the limitless. It is available online but will also include on-site courses. The complete course last three (3) years and we recommend that everyone attend the whole course in order to reshape and transcend their life's journey.




To tame, quiet, focus, purify
and achieve the boundless.

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